Dull Rat's Ring

Effect When HP is below 30%, defense is increased by 50%.

Dull Rat's Ring is a Ring in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Rings are accessories that are equipped by the player to obtain various abilities that grant buffs and effects which can help in the player's journey or certain situations.


A simple gold ring engraved with the seal of a small animal. Increases defense when HP is below 30%. Held by Lord Rydell, known as Little Allant. There is also the Clever Rat's Ring, which forms a matching set with this ring.


Dull Rat's Ring Location: Where to Find Dull Rat's Ring


Dull Rat's Ring Notes and Tips

  • HP% is calculated according to the player's current Max HP.
  • You can farm souls from Lord Rydell using Soulsucker, because he doesn't die as long as the cell door is locked



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