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Scraping Spear

physical attack power demonssouls 25px
100 plague 25px 0
magic attack power demonssouls 25px
critical strike 25px
fire attack demonssouls 25px
durability 25px
bleeding 25px
0 weight demonssouls 25px 4.0
poison 25px
damage reduction demonssouls 25px 
guard break reduction 25px
Requirements & Bonus
strength demonssouls 25px
dexterity demonssouls 25px
magic demonssouls 25px
faith demonssouls 25px
15 15 - -
E A - -
Weapon Type Spear
Buffable No
Damage Type Piercing

Scraping Spear is a Spear Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Spears are capable of inflicting narrow attacks, dealing heavy damage from mid-range. They work best against enemies wearing armor made of metal and hard scales but can easily be parried by enemies and struggle at breaking an enemy's guard. Players can equip the Spear along with a Shield to have a balance between defense and attack.


A long spear with numerous barbs on the tip.
Forged from the soul of the Phalanx Demon. Gradually corrodes the enemy's equipment, reducing durability.

Scraping Spear Location: Where to Find Scraping Spear

Created by Blacksmith Ed, requires a Lead Demon Soul. Can be created using any one of the following items:


Scraping Spear Notes and Tips

  • This weapon cannot be upgraded.
  • Reduces opponents equipment durability by 10 each hit: Calculated by Reddit user Citroncactus to be 8.1 Kg
  • Durability damage does not scale with stats, meaning even if you do not have the stats to use the Scraping Spear, you will still do the full 10 durability damage per hit while doing little to no damage, allowing you to quickly rack up durability loss without killing your target.
  • Durability loss does not affect weapon or armor special properties (such as the Kris Dagger's extra magic damage or a Catalyst's ability to cast spells) meaning that spellcasting-centric builds are a counter to the Scraping Spear in PvP.


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Scraping Spear Moveset

Attack Type Effect
One-handed R1 Thrust
One-handed R2 Jump Thrust
Two-handed R1 Thrust Combo
Two-handed R2 Jump Thrust
Running/Backstep attack Action and Slash
Rolling attack Action and Slash
Push Push
One-handed L1 Stab
One-handed L2 Guard




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