Insanity Catalyst

Insanity Catalyst

59 critical.png 0
0 magic_defense-shield-icon.jpg 0.5
MagAdjust 143
Dmg Type ???    
Requirements & Bonus
6 - 16 -
E - A -
Weapon Type Catalyst
Buffable No

Insanity Catalyst is a Catalyst Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Catalysts can be equipped to increase Magic Power, making Magic Spells more effective. Catalysts can be equipped either on the right or left hand.


A catalyst wrapped in golden cloth.
Forged from the Soul of the Old Monk Demon. Grants its wielder madness, drastically increasing the power of magic, but simultaneously halving one's maximum MP.
If you have no future to lose, then who could blame you for placing your faith in the golden robes?


Insanity Catalyst Location: Where to Find Insanity Catalyst

Can be created using any of the following:


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Insanity Catalyst Notes and Tips

  • Reduces Max MP by 50%.
  • This catalyst cannot be upgraded.
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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    • If you are using this to invade, or you just want to conserve as much MP as possible, cast Second Chance before switching to this, or just swap them in the equipment screen to save a hand slot. The lost MP from Second Chance will be erased by the lowering of the MP bar, so you don't really lose anything if you were planning to use Insanity Catalyst all along.

      • Anonymous

        This insane Catalyst does reduce 50% of your MP. However , you could be smart about handling it ( If you started as Royality Class ). You could atleast gain 40% more MP with Silver Catalyst+Coronet , so equip 2 Catalysts 1 Insanity & 1 Silver while wearing the Head Silver Coronet ( This would mean that you increased Your base MP% to 40% , while loosing 50% MP from the Insanity Catalyst as using it... So you would have negated the overall -50% MP to -10% MP from the Insanity Catalyst ). This is better , but some builds wont bother about the lost MP while equiping Kris Blade instead of the Silver Catalyst for extra Bonus Magic Damage.

        • Anonymous

          Does anyone know why I can't obtain this catalyst despite owning 3 wooden ones and the Golden Demon's Soul?

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