Ritual Blade

130 icon_weight.png 0
0 55
critical.png 0 40
Requirements & Bonus
12 - - -
D E - -
Weapon Type Polearm
Buffable Yes
Damage Type normal_50pxNormal

 Ritual Blade is a Large Axe Weapon exclusive to Demon's Souls Remake. Large Axes require high Strength to wield properly. While they have longer reach and break guards much more easily than Axes, they are also much slower and leave users vulnerable to punishment.

A large ceremonial blade of an ancient tribe from an isolated island.

An unorthodox weapon that uses its heavy weight to sever enemies. The effect of an optimal hit deals more damage than normal.

Ritual Blade Location: Where to Find Ritual Blade


Ritual Blade Notes & Tips

Ritual Blade Moveset

Attack Type Effect
One-handed R1  Downward Slash
One-handed R2  Downward Slam
Two-handed R1  Cross Slash
Two-handed R2  Downward Slam
Running/Backstep attack Running Slash/ Backstep Slash 
Rolling attack Roll and Side Slash 
Push  Push and Slash
One-handed L1  Downward Slash
One-handed L2  Upward Slash



Ritual Blade General Information




& Requirements




Name physical-attack-power-demonssouls_50px magic-attack-power-demonssouls_50px fire-attack-demonssouls_50px strength-demonssouls_50px dexterity-demonssouls_50px magic-demonssouls_50px faith-demonssouls_50px damage-reduction-demonssouls_50px magic-reduction_50px firedefense_50px guard-break-reduction_50px durability_50px weight-demonssouls_50px
Ritual Blade 130 - D
55  10? 40 230 10.0


Large Axes
Normal Crescent Axe  ◆  Great Axe
Special Dozer Axe  ◆  Ritual Blade (PS5)
Exclusive Equipment (PS5 Only)
Pre-Order Bonus Reaper Scythe
Digital Deluxe Weapons Ritual Blade
Digital Deluxe Armor Boletarian Royalty Set  ◆  Red-Eye Knight Set

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    • Anonymous

      Why isn't this just a rare drop from golden skeletons, especially considering the weight mechanic barely matters in the remake. (SEND TO STORAGE)

      • Anonymous

        Any of you complaining about this weapon need to chill tf out. Its horrible and just a retexture of the Giant Axe. It costs less STR to wield but is outclassed by almost any weapon because you CANT upgrade it. Sure theres some early game PVP trolls that can launch you with the heavy attack but thats it. Get over yourselves. I paid for the Delux and literally everything included is horrible. Red Eye Armor is a retexture and decreases stamina regen

        • Anonymous

          Here’s the thing about the exclusives, they can’t be powerful because other people will only buy the standard version and won’t have access to them so if you bought them there’s little to gain and if you didn’t buy them you miss out on extra items which will bother some players regardless of how good or bad said items are. In the end nobody really wins here, the ones who purchased it didn’t get their money’s worth and the ones who didn’t miss out ... This is literally pay to lose.

          • Anonymous

            We're down to 4 preorder/deluxe edition items that actually are exclusive. The rest have been found in the game in more rewarding ways than just starting with them. I wonder if we can find the rest?

            Ideas to test for those who actually have Playstation 5s:
            The description indicates this item is somewhere on the shrine of storms island. Might it be tied to world tendancy? I wonder if anyone's tried holding off on picking up items in that location until reaching either pure white or pure black tendancy?

            • Anonymous

              Does anyone know what type of sword this is going to be? Since curved greatswords weren’t a thing til later games, would this be classified as a “large sword” or a “very large sword”?

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