Monk's Head Collar

Monk's Head Wrappings

Armor Type Helm
Gender Unisex
Normal Defence 2 Pierce Defence 2
Blunt Defence 2 Magic Defence 2
Slash Defence 2 Fire Defence 2
Bleed Defence 0 Weight 0
Poison Defence 0 Durability -
Plague Defence 0    

Monk's Head Wrappings (or Monk Head Collar) is a Helm in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. This helm is not associated with any set. Helms protect the player's head by applying various defensive properties, it also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some sets of armor are available to both genders but are slightly different for male and female characters. Those that are identical in appearance are labeled as unisex.


Head wrappings that were once the golden robe of the wizened usurper of Latria, which took possession of the weary old man.
Can only be obtained by being summoned by the wrappings, and then carrying out their wishes. Perhaps they seek a new person to possess.
The wearer of these wrappings enjoys a boost to magic power, but at the expense of receiving increased damage from magic.


Monk's Head Wrappings Location: 



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Monk's Head Wrappings Notes and Tips

  • Increase Magic Power by 30%.
  • Decreases Magic Defense by 40%.
  • Stacks with Kris Blade and Ring of Magical Sharpness.
  • Only increases damage of spells; does not increase damage of buff spells (e.g., light weapon) or the damage of your magical weapons.
  • The Monk's Head Wrappings blocks your line of sight because the helm is ridiculously tall.  On PS5 Remake, can be resolved by turning off visibility of helms.



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