Monk's Head Collar

Armor Type Helm
Gender Unisex
Normal Defence 2 Pierce Defence 2
Blunt Defence 2 Magic Defence 2
Slash Defence 2 Fire Defence 2
Bleed Defence 0 Weight 0
Poison Defence 0 Durability -
Plague Defence 0    

Monk's Head Collar is a Helm in Demon's Souls. This helm is not associated with any set. Helms protect the player's head by applying various defensive properties, it also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some sets of armor are available to both genders but are slightly different for male and female characters. Those that are identical in appearance are labeled as unisex.


Head wrappings that were once the golden robe worn by the old master of Latria and eventually took control of the then withered old man.

It is whispered that the robe now seeks to summon those who offer their aid, and carrying out its wishes grants them the use of these odd head wrappings.

Could the golden garb be seeking out a new vessel to subjugate…? Its enigmatic power increases spell effects, but also makes the wearer more vulnerable to spells.


Monk's Head Collar Acquisition/Where to Find


Monk's Head Collar Notes and Tips

  • Increase Magic Power by 30%.
  • Decreases Magic Defence by 40%.
  • Stacks with Kris Blade and Ring of Magical Sharpness.
  • Note that the Monk's Head Collar blocks your line of sight because the helm is ridiculously tall.



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    • Anonymous

      28 Apr 2020 20:20  

      This is currently impossible to get under normal circumstances. If you can join a private server, you may still be able to get it. If you're using a PS3 emulator on your PC, you may be able to get it with a mod.

      • Anonymous

        27 Jan 2019 10:30  

        So they never considered a backup way to get this nkw that the servers are shut down. This basically doesnt exist anymore and hot diggity darn thats a good damage boost :(

        • Anonymous

          28 Feb 2018 00:02  

          Got this at the last day of Demon's Souls server upkeep, today to be exact...

          Oh how surprised I was when I got the cinematic summonning, anyways it's an awesome boss idea and sadly not used as well as in DeS.

          Mirror Knight is epic, but no cinematic and it can fail, and church covenant is too quaranteed. Anyways, DeS will be missed.

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