Monk's Head Collar

Normal Defence 2 Pierce Defence 2
Blunt Defence 2 Magic Defence 2
Slash Defence 2 Fire Defence 2
Bleed Defence 0 Weight 0
Poison Defence 0 Durability -
 Plague Defence 0    
Gender Unisex
Armor Type Helm

Monk's Head Collar is a Helm in Demon's Souls.


Head wrappings that were once the golden robe worn by the old master of Latria and eventually took control of the then withered old man. It is whispered that the robe now seeks to summon those who offer their aid, and carrying out its wishes grants them the use of these odd head wrappings. Could the golden garb be seeking out a new vessel to subjugate…?

Its enigmatic power increases spell effects, but also makes the wearer more vulnerable to spells.


Acquisition/Where to Find


Notes and Tips:

  • Increase Magic Power by 30%
  • Decreases Magic Defence by 40%
  • Stacks with Kris Blade and Ring of Magical Sharpness
  • Note that the Monk's Head Collar blocks your line of sight because the helm is ridiciously tall.


Moveset and Videos:

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