Island's Edge (Also known as "World 4 - 1" or "Shrine of Storms" in Demon's Souls) is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Shrine of Storms feature the island shrine of the Shadowmen, who worshiped storms and mourned the dead. Since the appearance of the flying storm beasts, the souls of the dead have been lured to the island by its demons, where they are revived by finding purchase in the bosoms of uninhabited skeletons.



Island's Edge World Tendency Events

White World

Satsuki in human form appears at the entrance looking for the Magic Sword "Makoto".

  • If you find the Magic Sword "Makoto" and give it to Satsuki, he will attack you. After you've killed him, he will drop the sword for you to pick up.
  • If you find the Magic Sword "Makoto" and decided not to give it to Satsuki, he will attack you.
  • If you find the Magic Sword "Makoto" and have it equipped, when you talk to Satsuki, he will attack you.
  • Remember that killing Satsuki shifts World Tendency by -3, so do this as your last White World Tendency action before driving Island's Edge towards Black.

Fractured Mode Pure White World Tendency, Ceramic Coins Location

Black World

Black Phantom Satsuki shows up at the entrance. He drops a Hiltless when killed. Pure Black World Tendency required.

Black Phantom Silver Skeleton shows up at the first set of stairs

Black Phantom Silver Skeleton opposite the cliff

Black Phantom Gold Skeleton on the ledge above the Adjudicator's Shield

Black Phantom Gold Skeleton along the edge of the cliff path

Black Phantom Silver Skeleton with Bow at the end of the cliff path, before the fog door


Full Island's Edge Walkthrough


Shrine of Storms (Island's Edge) can be accessed by interacting with the Archstone of the Shadowmen in The Nexus. When you first arrive at the Shrine of Storms, move forward to be greeted by the first enemy, a Silver Skeleton. Keep going through the archway, once past it, turn left to loot x5 Half Moon Grass from a body. Now keep going until you reach the stairs, another Silver Skeleton will attack you.


A little further, there are two Silver Skeletons, one carrying a falchion and another one using a bow. Try to lure the melee one away, and fight it and then take care of the Skeleton bow. Again at the top of the stairs, you will find two Silver Skeletons. Always try to lure one skeleton at a time. Once you have dealt with both of them, continue forward to the fog door.


Up in the building, there are two more Silver Skeletons, shooting arrows from there. After taking care of them, you can loot the corpses around the area. You can obtain x1 Renowned Hero Soul. You can obtain x3 Soldier's Lotus from the body amongst the debris. Turn around and go to the right of the area, there's another body, behind a tree, that has x1 Talisman of God. Now head straight to the fog door.

Through the Fog Door


Immediately turn left, to go through a narrow corridor. Beware of the middle of it, there's a switch on the ground that activates an arrow trap. Stick to the wall to avoid it. Turn left and head outside again. On your left side, there's a Black Skeleton.


If you stick to your right, you shouldn't be spotted. Walk slowly and you will arrive at a corpse containing x6 Soul Remains. After disposing of the Black Skeleton, behind it, you can loot a Crescent Falchion +1. Now go back to the previous building.


Head up the stairs. Turn right and face a Silver Skeleton. Keep running through the corridor until you reach a crumbled tower with stairs leading down. Head down the stairs, walk carefully at the bottom to avoid the floor trap in the middle of the ground. Loot the body next to the steel gate to obtain x1 Copper Key. See Point H in Map 1. copper-key-location-islands-edge-demons-souls-wiki-guide-min

Note: If playing online, at the top of the stairs for this tower you may see a message instructing you to roll over the wall. If you do so, you can grab a Regenerator's Ring from the corpse outside the wall, as well as access to an area with a Crystal Lizard. Unfortunately, doing so will leave you stuck in an area of the map where your only option is to proceed to the Boss fight. This area can be safely accessed through normal progression later.

Sparkly the Crow


Now head left. If you have a ranged weapon or a spell, try to take the Silver Skeleton archer from that position. Go down the broken path towards the narrow corridor. Turn left, immediately a Silver Skeleton will rush towards you. Once you are done with it, be ready to face another Silver Skeleton once you emerge out of the corridor, it comes from your right side.


Go upstairs, and take the left way. Keep going and you will arrive at the place where the Silver Skeleton archer was shooting you from. There's a corpse there containing x1 Compound Long Bow and x13 Light Arrow.


Go back to the tower and this time take the other door. Keep going up the cliff. You will stumble upon a corpse containing x1 Augite of Guidance.


Keep going up and you will find Sparkly the Crow. If you get close to the right, stand on the edge and you will see a Crystal Lizard. Drop down to kill it. There's also a body containing x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

Return to the Tower


Go back again to the tower, this time head downwards. Take the stairs to the left, even though it appears that there's no door, hit it with your weapon and it will open. See Point B on Map 2. Head through the narrow corridor, turn right then keep going and left. At the next crossroad, you will be ambushed by two Silver Skeletons, one from each side. Retreat if necessary to engage them one by one.


Now, continue going through the corridor, once you reach the crossroad again. On your right there's a corpse containing x4 Crescent Moon Grass, keep going along that route and you will find Graverobber Blige inside a prison. See Point B on Map 2. You can open it with the Copper Key. He thanks you for saving him and offers his services as a merchant. On the left side, you can find a corpse that contains x1 Renowned Hero Soul.


Go back to the crossroad again, this time take the other path. There's another illusory wall at the end, hit it to make it disappear. There's an unavoidable switch on the floor that triggers a trap, that shoots you three arrows. Equip a shield to mitigate as much damage as possible. Now climb up the rubble where you'll find yourself in front of another fog door. Beware of the Storm Beast that's flying around in the zone and can hit you with its spikes.

On your right there's a corpse that you can loot to obtain x1 Uchigatana., if you go around the corner to the left of the fog door, there's another corpse, this one contains x1 Unknown Hero Soul. Keep going down the stairs and there's one more body, this one contains x2 Cloudstone Shard.

Optional Boss: Vanguard


You can see that you are behind the optional boss Vanguard, the same one you faced on the tutorial level. If you deal with the Vanguard you can loot three corpses in the area to obtain. x1 Kilij, x3 Full Moon Grass, and x1 Storied Hero Soul. The boss drops Gray Demon Soul


Head back to the second fog door and go through it. Go up the stairs. You will find two Silver Skeleton. One Melee and one with a bow. Again, try to take them separately.


On the left, there's a Black Skeleton protecting a corpse that contains Adjudicator's Shield. Turn around the corner where you fought the two Silver Skeleton, turn left twice. You will see a switch that triggers a trap, before a body that contains x1 Unknown Hero Soul. See Point E on Map 1.

Keep going along the corridor, take the narrow path on the right, and then turn right again to find another corpse. This one contains x1 Renowned Hero Soul. If you have spells or ranged weapons to take down the Storm Beasts, that will make traversing the area much easier.

Go down and take the narrow path along the cliff. You will find a Gold Skeleton. Dispatch it and keep going through the corridor. You will find another Gold Skeleton. After this one, the path becomes really narrow and you will find a third Gold Skeleton on the other side.


Trying to fight it there is not a good idea, try to lure the skeleton using a ranged weapon or a spell, so it goes to your position. Once done, keep going and you will find a third fog door. Go through it. Take the stairs in front of you, and loot a corpse that has x3 Late Moon Grass on it.


Turn left and go through that crumbled walkway. You will find a wooden beam. Drop on it and keep going to obtain x1 Graverobber's Ring. Once obtained, drop on the ground. Head towards the gateway that's underneath the stairs. There's a switch that activates an arrow trap. Move away quickly or hold your shield up.


Keep going and turn right, there's a corpse on your left that contains x3 Half Moon Grass, and a Black Skeleton guarding the fog door leading to the boss. Go through the door, take the stairs down and you will be facing the Adjudicator.

Boss Battle: Adjudicator


To learn more about the tips, tricks, and strategies on how to defeat this boss, check the Adjudicator page. Once the boss is gone, you can loot a body behind the stairs that contain x1 Storied Warrior Soul. Go up the stairs and on your right, you will find a body that contains x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Touch the Archstone to obtain x1 Swollen Demon Soul, to finish the area.

Ceramic Coins Location


You'll be able to find one Ceramic Coin in this area but it requires the player to have Pure White World Tendency in Fractured Mode. You'll find it in Graverobber Blige’s cell, break the box that's on the left corner to find the coin. 




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Island's Edge Trivia & Notes


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