Graverobber's Ring

Graverobber's Ring

Effect It becomes harder for Black Phantoms NPC or invading players to detect you.

Graverobber's Ring is a Ring in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeRings are accessories that are equipped by the player to obtain various abilities that grant buffs and effects which can help in the player's journey or certain situations.


Ancient topaz ring that subdues your essence, discouraging detection by black phantoms.


Graverobber's Ring Location: Where to Find Graverobber's Ring


Graverobber's Ring Notes and Tips

  • It reduces the distance of the Black Phantoms aggro radius by 50% when equipped.
  • In online PVP it makes the wearer completely invisible to Black Phantoms up to a certain distance. When the wearer gets too close to a Black Phantom invader, he will be revealed and will appear as he normally would.
  • Can be stacked with the effect of Hidden Soul Miracle.



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