Gargoyle Crossbow

10 critical.png 0
0 magic_defense-shield-icon.jpg 3.5
Requirements & Bonus
12 - 16 -
- - B -
Weapon Type Crossbow
Buffable ???
Damage Type Piercing

Gargoyle Crossbow is a Crossbow Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Crossbows are capable dealing massive damage from great distances but require some time between shots and they can't be aimed. Similar to the regular bow, the crossbow requires Bolts in order to be used. 


The crossbow favored by Latria's stone gargoyles. It is magically enhanced, and its attack power increases according to its wielder's magic strength.

Gargoyle Crossbow Location: Where to Find Gargoyle Crossbow

There are three Gargoyles that drop the Crossbow in Upper Latria 3 - 2:

  • The midpoint of the walkway that leads to the first chain tower
  • To the right of the start of the walkway that leads to the second chain tower
  • The midpoint of the walkway joining the lower part of the fallen heart tower

A Dragon Halberd and a good Bow are ideal for farming the Gargoyles. Make sure that when you kill a Gargoyle, its corpse will be accessible when it falls.


Gargoyle Crossbow Notes and Tips

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  • ??


Gargoyle Crossbow Moveset

Attack Type Effect
One-handed R1  
One-handed R2  
Two-handed R1  
Two-handed R2  
Running/Backstep attack  
Rolling attack  
One-handed L1  
One-handed L2  




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    • Anonymous

      well its the only crossbow in the game that has any scaling. looking through the damage numbers with a build calculator, it does 1 more point of damage than the heavy crossbow with 40 magic but since its split damage it'll be a bit less. the only use case i can see for this weapon is if you have like 99 magic, but even then some enemies have high magic resistance so it will still be worse in some situations

      • Anonymous

        This is crossbow is seriously trash. I tried it with 40 magic and it deals pitiful damage and barely increases it's AR with it's scaling. Basically every enemy type I shot with it throughout my playthrough took no more than 15 points of damage per shot.

        • Anonymous

          This Crossbow which has Magic Scaling on it actually is pretty bad compared to the Lava Bow... If you're planning to go for a Crossbow Ranged weapon ( I highly suggest equipping the Heavy Crossbow instead for the better overall Damage output with every kind of Bolts ). Otherwise this weapon is Bad early on , because you do need Very High Magic stat in order to deal some good damage with this Crossbow.... The Gargoyle Crossbow is also the best looking crossbow in the Game aswell. However even though Crossbows do have better & quick Fire Rates , but Bows in general have better Damage Output for their Arrow types too.. So put that in mind if your going with Ranged weapon types. ( Bows are generaly better for taking out Mobs , and Crossbows are better of taking out single enemies or single type of Bosses too for the Quick Fire Rating they have ).

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