Freke's Apprentice

Freke's Apprentice
Location: The Nexus
Boletarian Palace
Drops: ??

Freke's Apprentice is a NPC in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. NPCs are the various characters that are encountered by the player throughout their journey. NPCs provide information, others are quest givers, while some are categorized as Merchants and/or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


This NPC is Sage Freke's apprentice, he is also a sorcery teacher where players can learn various magic.


Freke's Apprentice Information

  • Teaches basic spells if Magic stat is 10 or above.
  • Allows changing memorized spells
  • He will ask you to rescue Sage Freke from imprisonment in Tower of Latria.
  • If you kill Sage Freke, the Visionary in the Nexus, he will become hostile and attack you.
  • Casts Soul Ray when hostile, when his MP is depleted he will attack using his bare fists.


Freke's Apprentice Location: Where to Find Freke's Apprentice


Spells Taught


Freke's Apprentice Dialogue

After completing Boletarian Palace (mag below 10)

  • What do you want, brute?
    I have no use for miscreants like yourself. Away with you!

After completing Boletarian Palace (mag above 10)

  • Are you here to face the Demons?
    If so, please free Sage Freke the Visionary from the dungeon of Latria.
    I will help you however I can. I can teach you elementary spells.
    Sage Freke is a gleaming hope for humankind, but I have not the power to save him alone.
  • Freke is a great sage who systemised the magic of the Soul arts to make it possible for human imitation.
    By observing the state of Boletaria and the Demons within it, he is likely to pave the way for greater things.
    All the more reason that I must meet Freke as soon as possible…
  • Are you begging for a magic lesson?

After ?

  • Me? Without doubt, I made my best effort to save Sage Freke.
    But I had not the strength. It is as simple as that.
    Besides if I myself were captured, who would stand here and recruit rescuers?



After saving freke

  • You saved Sage Freke, did you not? Then I was right to bend the rules and teach you a few tricks.
    Nevertheless, I am grateful to you. Do you see how important selfless acts are in this dreary world?
  • What is it? Are you still begging for magic lessons? Oh, so be it. Better than having you bother Sage Freke.
  • Sage Freke prefers to work alone. Do not dare to bother him by gabbing about trifling nonsense.
    He is on the verge of discovering something that will rival even the Demon Souls.

Leaving after learning spell

  • Be careful how you use it.
    Normally, it would not be granted to one such as yourself.
    I had to make an exception, for the sake of Sage Freke.

When leaving

  • I see. Suit yourself.
    Just ensure that you rescue Sage Freke as quickly as possible.

Running off

  • Wait! Where are you going?
  • I am not done yet.

When attacked

  • Wh-what are you doing?
  • Why have you madness about you? Cease!



Freke's Apprentice Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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