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Depraved One (Dagger)

Health 187
normaldefense 25px
poison 25px
slashdefense 25px
plague 25px
bluntdefense 25px
bleeding 25px
piercedefense 25px
damage reduction demonssouls 25px
magic defense demonssouls 25px
80 magic reduction 25px -
fire demonssouls 25px
57 firedefense 25px -
Location Valley of Defilement
Enemy Type Humanoid Enemy
Reward/s 13 Souls

Depraved One is an Enemy in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and souls.


Shambling, pained and horrifically disfigured. The Depraved ones were once people, but discarded into the Valley of Defilement, living in putrid disease and decay, they are every bit as horrific as the valley itself.

The moans and wails of the depraved can be heard throughout the valley, serving as a grim warning to those who would intrude in their horrific sanctuary. The depraved ones will cut down any human they find, hoping to offer their souls to the corrupt saint, Maiden Astraea.


Depraved One Information

There are four primary types: knife-wielders, shamans, giants, and spearmen. Knife-wielders have erratic but relatively slow attacks, including a wild, jerking flurry of slashes, a well-telegraphed stab into the ground, and a limp-armed dual horizontal slash. They may also use a sudden charging attack that does substantial damage, and pushes the player several steps backward if not blocked, potentially into a pool of toxic water or off a high cliff. All of their attacks can inflict Poison. There is a second type of knife-wielder whose attacks inflict plague, and are denoted by a black cloud of flies buzzing around their bodies. They are notably weak to slash and fire damage but effectively immune to poison and plague. They may drop Crescent Moon Grass or shards of Faintstone upon death.

Shamans are unarmed, relying on casting Poison Cloud at the player. They are often well-guarded by other Depraved Ones. They may drop Old Spice or chunks of Faintstone upon death.

Giants are around twice as tall as other Depraved Ones and carry clubs. Although relatively slow on the attack, one blow from the club is usually enough to instantly kill a lightly-armored character, especially in Soul Form. Notably, they run quickly for their size and do not suffer a movement penalty in the poison swamp. They may drop a Great Club upon death.

Spearmen attack only with thrust attacks that deal with a significant amount of fire damage. They can easily be dodged, leaving them open to a flank attack or a frontal attack as they finish their attack and are left open during cool down. They are often encountered in thin areas such as bridges, where they can be lured into corner attacks. They can also be rushed, requiring precise weapon swings, as locking on takes too long and they initiate their attack. They have a tendency to try to attack you from other ledges, leading to them walking to their deaths. They may drop Black Turpentineupon death, in addition to Crescent Moon Grass.


Combat Information

Flaming Pole wielder

  • double stabbing lunge
  • overhead chop
  • quick stomp/punch

Knife (Spike) wielder

  • series of 5 slashes
  • strong downward stab
  • quick stomp/punch
  • running push and slash for guard break and heavy damage


  • Poison Cloud spell.
  • Same attacks as Knife wielder.



Since this place isn't a place for normal humans to be, you encounter several varieties of this guy. There are:

Most are self-explanatory, and function like slightly beefed up Slave Soldiers (though dealing more damage). Block their attacks and then counter, or just blast them from range at your leisure. Be alert for the Knife wielders rush/push combo attack, which can break your guard and push you back. Falling off platforms in Valley of Defilement or Leechmonger Archstone is often fatal.

You will notice at a couple of points that they can play dead! You may see what looks like a dead body (Dagger wielder) on the ground, but after you walk by, it will stand up and attack you from behind. There are at least 3 places in Valley of Defilement where they do this, such as the one lying on the boardwalk just at the dead end with the Saint's Robes.

Some of the Knife wielders in Leechmonger Archstone are surrounded by a small cloud of flies, which makes them harder to see. They behave the same as their brothers, but will inflict a more potent poison infection. Just press R3 as you walk around looking at stuff and you'll find them.

The Shamans are in Leechmonger Archstone and are easily notable because of the bright purple glow that they emit, and the spell they cast which is similar toPoison Cloud. There is one on a deck by himself that drops the Shaman's Clothes.


Item Drop

Enemy Variety Item Drops
All Crescent Moon Grass
Late Moon Grass
Dark Moon Grass (extremely rare, seen more often in ng+++ in pbwt)
Royal Lotus
Widow's Lotus
Knife Wielders Stone of Ephemeral Eyes (extremely rare, seen more often in ng+++ in pbwt)
Flame pole Black Turpentine
Shamans Old Spice
Shards of Faintstone
Chunks of Faintstone
Pure Faintstone (rare)


Notes & Trivia

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  • Other notes, tips, and trivia.



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