Burrower's Set

Burrower's Set

Normal Defence   Pierce Defence  
Blunt Defence   Magic Defence  
Slash Defence   Fire Defence  
Bleed Defence   Weight  
Poison Defence   Durability  
Plague Defence      
Gender Unisex
Armor Type  

Burrower's Set is an Armor Set in Demon's Souls Remake. Armor provides the player with protection and different resistance against all types of damage and negative status effects, such as Blunt Damage, Bleed, Plague, and more. Sets of Armor in Demon's Souls are divided into four categories which are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leggings.


Burrower's Set Location: Where to Find Burrower's Set


Burrower's Set Armor Set Pieces:


Burrower's Set Notes and Tips

  • Only available in Demon's Souls Remake.
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



Burrower's Set Pieces Information

Burrower Armor

Normal Defence 27 Pierce Defence 27
Blunt Defence 32 Magic Defence 19
Slash Defence 27 Fire Defence 39
Bleed Defence 15 Weight 8.5
Poison Defence 15 Durability 550
Plague Defence 0  
Armor Type Chest Armor

Burrower Armbands

Normal Defence 17 Pierce Defence 17
Blunt Defence 17 Magic Defence 12
Slash Defence 19 Fire Defence 14
Bleed Defence 14 Weight 6.2
Poison Defence 9 Durability 450
Plague Defence  0  
Armor Type Gauntlets

Burrower Boots

Normal Defence 16 Pierce Defence 16
Blunt Defence 19 Magic Defence 12
Slash Defence 16 Fire Defence 21
Bleed Defence 9 Weight 5.2
Poison Defence 9 Durability 550
Plague Defence 0  
Armor Type Leggings



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