Boletarian Royalty Set

Normal Defence   Pierce Defence  
Blunt Defence 44  Magic Defence 32
Slash Defence 36 Fire Defence 43
Bleed Defence 24 Weight 5.8
Poison Defence 24 Durability  
Plague Defence 0    
Gender  Unisex
Armor Type  

Boletarian Royalty Set is an Armor Set in Demon's Souls Remake. Armor provides the player with protection and different resistance against all types of damage and negative status effects, such as Blunt Damage, Bleed, Plague, and more. Sets of Armor in Demon's Souls are divided into four categories which are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leggings.



Boletarian Royalty Set Location: Where to Find Boletarian Royalty Set

  • Digital Deluxe Edition Bonus



Boletarian Royalty Set Armor Set Pieces:



Boletarian Royalty Set Notes and Tips

  • Only available in Demon's Souls Remake.
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



Boletarian Royalty Set Pieces Information

Boletarian Royalty Clothes

Normal Defence 20 Pierce Defence 20
Blunt Defence 22 Magic Defence 19
Slash Defence 20 Fire Defence 17
Bleed Defence 15 Weight 2.8
Poison Defence 15 Durability 350
Plague Defence 0  
Armor Type Chest Armor

Boletarian Royalty Armbands

Normal Defence 12 Pierce Defence  
Blunt Defence   Magic Defence 12
Slash Defence   Fire Defence 10
Bleed Defence   Weight 1.5
Poison Defence   Durability 350
Plague Defence    
Armor Type Gauntlets

Boletarian Royalty Leggings

Normal Defence 12 Pierce Defence 12
Blunt Defence 14 Magic Defence 12
Slash Defence 12 Fire Defence 10
Bleed Defence 9 Weight 1.5
Poison Defence 9 Durability 350
Plague Defence 0  
Armor Type Leggings



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    • Anonymous

      You know it's not fromsoftware when you have this kind of exclusive bullshit, pathetic bluepoint.. I'm glad i haven't spent a dime on this ****.

      • Anonymous

        You buy the Deluxe Edition trying to get a P2W bonus. I mistakenly buy the Deluxe Edition thinking it had DLC, we are not the same.

        • So I assume you have to start a NEW character to get these bonuses? I just got the digital deluxe edition and have some characters that are just at the Nexus and they don't have the items now.

          Why the HECK can't we delete characters yet either? This is ridiculous. I don't want to create and have to keep a ton of characters! No way to delete them if they were a mistake?

          • Anonymous

            Is this in any way better than thief armor? From what I'm seeing, it has worse defense and weighs more lol

            • Anonymous

              Is someone willing to give/drop me these if they're not using it? It looks very awesome and I don't care about the stats. I want it for fashion.

              • Anonymous

                Those stats don’t look so good. How important is armor in this game? Is it like DS1&2 where defense and poise are actually important? Or is it like DS3 & Bloodborne where you can wear basically whatever you want and get similar results?

                • Anonymous

                  We're down to 4 preorder/deluxe edition items that actually are exclusive. The rest have been found in the game in more rewarding ways than just starting with them. I wonder if we can find the rest?

                  Ideas to test for those who actually have Playstation 5s:
                  I wonder if this might be an "alternate" item picked up from the same places the "fat official" items normally spawn, but only in either pure white or black tendency? I'd start with white, if I had a PS5 to play this on.

                  • Anonymous

                    Wait..... so it's worse than the Wizard Set? Is that actually true? People paid $20 for something that isn't even an improvement?

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