Ally's Ring

Effect Increases damage by 20% as a Blue Phantom- this includes Physical damage, Magic damage, and Miracle damage.

Ally's Ring (or Friend's Ring) is a Ring in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeRings are accessories that are equipped by the player to obtain various abilities that grant buffs and effects which can help in the player's journey or certain situations.


Mysterious blue ring received from the Monumental. Increases attack power as an ally phantom.
This ring forges human ties by encouraging its bearer to aid the warriors of other worlds. Thereby helping themselves in turn. This is in accordance with the wishes of the last living Monumental. The Foe's Ring is its counterpart.

Ally's Ring Location: Where to Find Ally's Ring

  • Speak with The Monumental, when your Character Tendency is Pure White.
    • To obtain this ring, you must speak with The Monumental having answered 'Yes' to both of their questions and before opening the seal to the End Game.


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    • Anonymous

      Can someone help me get to PWCT? I need to kill someone invading me. I'll help you too. PSN ID radioactivedave9

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        im sl 95 ng+,can someone help me,invade me and get killed.PSN Good-Hunter_mf14.PN me if you wanna help,i'll help too,afterwards.

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          Hi everyone, I need help to reach PWCT if anybody could help me I’ll be really grateful. My user is NiK_baron . Of course I’ll help in any way if needed. Thank you!

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            Anybody able to help me get pure white character tendency im SL120 and currently I'm on black tendancy my user is Tytemp

            • Anonymous

              Do you need to kill all the Black phantoms to obtain the Ally ring AND can you kill different ones during a play through and then get the ring? I am on my 7th game and the monumental will not release it. I am at pure white after going all black on my character and killed all the black demons except for Miranda. I need help I am obsessed with trying to get this to the point that I am soul level 215! OMG!!

              • Anonymous

                If you got the friends ring or whatever it was called in the original PS3 on the same account, will you receive it in the PS5 version?

                • Anonymous

                  I have done 2 play throughs killing the black phantom NPC"s Executioner Miralda, Scirvir, the Wanderer, Lord Rydell, Satsuki, and Selen Vinland. I was in Black world Tendency. I killed them all with a sword. My character Tendency looks about as white as its gonna actually didnt get any whiter since my first playthrough. and that good for nothing Monumental wont give me my ring. I chose yes when i first talked to her. This is all i need for my plat trophy. Ive played through the whole game 5 times because of mistakes I made going for trophys.I loved the game but im tired of playing it. Any suggestions?

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